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Username: Dylanx717
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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I'm a straight Male but I like female dogs and Male dogs the most. I like big thic dog pussies, smaller tighter ones and everything in between, just nothing to small because as sick as I am I love animals and dont believe in hurting them. I dont do anal with dogs either way but somthing about a big purple throbbing dog cock gets me hard and makes my mouth water. I'm also really into girl and dog stuff, from fucking to sucking to licking. Seeing a girl with a dog is a certain hard on. Other than dogs some other things I would like to do would be receiving oral from a calf, fucking a big pink pig pussy, (they have some nice soft looking pussies), suck a horse's cock. Fuck a mare(even though I'm hardly attracted to horses) and.. well I'd like to meet a girl who has similar interests as me and would like to chat and share our knotty kinks with each other. But I know that's probably never going to happen for me, but if by any chance there is a girl out there looking for a good guy to talk with, I'm here.

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